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Vehicles and spare parts

JSM CO.LTD offers services for the purchase of any equipment, spare parts, sawing, disassembly, storage, delivery to the ports of Fukui, Maizuru, Otaru, Niigata, Toyama.

Full list of our services:

Buying cars, motorcycles, boats and special equipment at Japanese auctions and parking lots without intermediaries.

Delivery of cars, special equipment, boats to the Japanese ports of Fukui, Maizuru, Otaru, Niigata, Toyama.

Dismantling / sawing cars, storage of cargo until shipment from Japan.

Customs clearance in Russia.

Dismantling of cars for parts.

Loading and dispatch of containers with spare parts.

Purchase and delivery of any items at the Yahoo auction (Yahu) and other online stores and auctions in Japan.

Sale of passenger and truck Japanese tires and disks.

Search for any spare parts.

Shipment of goods through our warehouse (you can buy the goods yourself and send them to our warehouse for subsequent shipment to the address you specified).

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